We are dedicated to the continuous improvement and growth of our educational institutions. With a clear strategy and vision for school improvement, we have successfully expanded from one to three academies in our Multi-Academy Trust (MAT). This measured and deliberate approach has yielded positive results, enabling us to maintain high standards across our existing schools.

You have planted them, and they have taken root; they grow and bear fruit. You are always on their lips but far from their hearts.

Jeremiah 12:2

AAT Strategic Plan

A three year priority

  • As a Multi Academy Trust we have clear strategic aims which are founded in our vision and values. The Strategic Plan 2022-2025 outlines the goals and targets of AAT over the next three years to ensure that as a Trust, all stakeholders have confidence in our approach

  • Underpinning the Strategic Plan are financial budget forecasts and individual school improvements plans. These plans are tracked and audited throughout the year
  • AAT has chosen to focus on two important principles, these being all Academies working towards an Ofsted grading of good and better and this being achieved at pace. It has carefully worked on embedding systems and processes in order to have the solid foundations upon which it can take the next steps in its growth

Growth Strategy

Why Grow?

We believe our unique selling point is that AAT has a proven track record of achieving outstanding outcomes through personalised and individualised approaches.

We do not advocate a ‘one size fits all’ mantra. This approach is underpinned by an ethos of high challenge, high support and achieving excellence through equity.

Why is Growth an imperative?

The world of Education, and society as a whole, is currently embedded in a Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and
Ambiguous world (VUCA). AAT needs to be an organisation that is large enough to ride the storm, smooth the
waters and be the prime means of supporting our community in VUCA times. 

The growth of the Trust will also allow AAT to grow its skill base, increase its influence locally and nationally, be at
the forefront of change and attract/retain the best leadership and educational talent in schools. We are proud to
‘grow our own leaders’ in AAT.

In line with the DfE best practice guidance AAT are now setting our their plan to grow the Trust between 2022
and 2030. This document outlines the strategic plan to achieve this growth.

AAT is one of the Lincolnshire Diocesan approved majority church MATS and we will be working in collaboration
with the LDBE and other church MATS to deliver the Diocesan strategy.

It is important to identify that in the current economic landscape many schools will be carrying a deficit or may
not be able to continue to operate without the benefit of being part of a MAT. The Trust is mindful of this and the
potential impact on the Trust financial position and would therefore consider carefully any school that is
currently operating with a deficit or in a negative financial position to ensure that any financial risk is reasonable.

Critical path for Growth
  • Identifying potential schools to join the Trust
  • Completing due diligence for those schools
  • Accessing available funding to facilitate additional capacity in key teams such as central team and school improvement key staff

The way forward

We have a clear strategy and vision for school improvement and our steady and considered growth from one to three academies in our MAT has been a success. We would continue this approach if we take on another school and give ourselves time to maintain/sustain current high standards and, if we take on a school in difficulty, ensure that we put improvement in place in order that they also perform at and above national averages in the long term, before any further growth of our MAT. This will help ensure that there is not a negative impact on our three existing schools.

The Trust will consider carefully the demographic of the schools within this area and will be looking to take on schools that will benefit from the strong school improvement offer within the Trust. However, the Trust will only accept schools that have successful due diligence that demonstrate that the schools would fit the growth criteria:

  • Schools within the local geographical area meaning a 25 mile radius (A1, A15 corridor)
  • RI or better schools requiring further support
  • One school per year or an established collaborative partnership of schools wishing to join a church MAT together

    AAT would consider accepting a church school in special measures, but not without rigorous consideration of risks

Capacity for Growth

Each school will have either a Head of School or a substantive Headteacher, as it is the vision of the Trust and the community it serves to maintain strong internal organisation, management and leadership within the individual academies. There is expertise to support school improvement and flexibility to support others.

This is a Trust that has the capacity to support other schools as evidenced through the successful establishment of Bourne Elsea Park and Colsterworth and the ongoing support for local schools brokered through the DfE, LA and Diocese.

All schools in the Trust have practice worthy of sharing more widely. Leadership at all levels is strong with a good capacity to backfill, as the Trust has deliberately overstaffed in some areas to support their outreach work. The CEO/Executive Head is an NLE and has a long history of supporting other schools. Leaders are currently supporting a school in Lincolnshire.

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Vision and Values

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We are dedicated to the continuous improvement and growth of our educational institutions.

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