We have a vision of a community in which each person (child and adult) is offered the opportunity to fulfil their full potential and to understand themselves and be valued for who they are. Through a stimulating and challenging learning environment, we pursue academic excellence and seek the flourishing of all members of the school community.

As inclusive and caring church schools, our commitment is to help pupils become thoughtful, open-minded and compassionate human beings who have the knowledge, skills and motivation they need to bring about positive transformation in the world. This is because we know we are all God’s children and all can articulate this.

The Curriculum

The curriculum is at the heart of our school and a vehicle to achieve our vision because it is through a broad, balanced and engaging curriculum that a life-long passion for learning is ignited and children are given the best possible chance to succeed.

We recognise that children are created in the image of God but also value their individuality as they explore their own God given talents and are treated with respect and dignity at all times.

Key Information

How does our Curriculum work?

The objectives set in the National Curriculum ensure that children are working to the national standard and being continually supported and challenged. However, the National Curriculum is just one element in the education of every child. It provides a brief outline of objectives around which teachers and subject leaders base the core knowledge and create exciting and stimulating lessons, with the understanding they have the freedom to extend beyond the National Curriculum specifications in order to meet the needs of every child in our care. Our curriculum is implemented through meaningfully linked topics, however we understand the importance of subject specific knowledge and skills, and where meaningful links cannot be made, subjects are taught discretely in order to maximise children’s learning.

Our curriculum is brought to life through; a range of teaching and learning styles, educational visits, visitors to school, role play activities, enhancement days and many more creative and imaginative activities which help deepen and strengthen learning throughout a topic, while building on skills and knowledge from previous years. We actively seek to overcome the barriers to learning that can hinder or exclude individual pupils or groups of pupils. We make this a reality through the attention we pay to adapting and tailoring the curriculums we deliver to individuals and groups of children within our schools. Our broad and balanced curriculum is complemented by a fun and vibrant range of extra-curricular clubs, which take place at lunchtime and after school. We always seek to discover and nurture special talents within each child. We believe there is something for everyone in our extra-curricular programme.

How has our Curriculum been developed?

Learning is:

  • A change in long-term memory
  • Knowing more and remembering more
  • Invisible in an individual lesson as it is constructed over time

By using this understanding of learning we have developed a curriculum, which allows our pupils to gain knowledge over time in meaningful contexts, where core knowledge, language and skills are revisited supporting children to embed their understanding and move from chunks of information to a scheme of knowledge and deep conceptual learning. This curriculum has been developed through academic reading and research, training, subject specialist advice and committed subject teams to develop a curriculum that supports long-term memory change.

Big Ideas are a key feature of many of the subjects studied. They are the key concepts that thread through the whole subject. The subject Big Ideas are relevant in all year groups and are delivered through different topics and contexts across school. The children continually return to these core concepts each lesson, drawing the subject together no matter the context.

This allows children to make meaningful links between information, supporting the movement from information to knowledge and learning. Progression is mapped across school through milestones in each subject (where subject appropriate).

How do we measure the impact?

The impact of our curriculum is under constant review and development to ensure that it appropriately meets the needs of our children, supporting and challenging pupils to achieve their personal best.

Our curriculum is evaluated against our aims through:

  • Pupil outcomes (achievement)
  • School governance
  • Feedback from parents/carers, children and teaching staff
  • Lesson visits
  • Learning walks

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